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Thanks to those that joined us Fri Oct 17 2014, 7-10 pm, for the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty at Newmarket's Riverwalk Commons Stage, 200 Duncan St, featuring speakers, performers, JustFlow, AJM Fam, The Yappers and more walk-ons for Open Mic.

Here is a link to view pics and a blog about the 2014 Oct 17 event -

Visit "The Yappers" @

Videopictorial of previous Oct 17 International Day for The Eradication of Poverty

This link shows video from 2010 event -

For more info or to donate or set up a booth call 289-221-0928 or email by

The internationally marked event was first recognized by the United Nations in 1992 but was inspired and started by a French Priest named Joseph Wresinski as World Day to End Extreme Poverty.

On 17th October 1987, in the presence of 100,000 people from every social background and continent, Joseph Wresinski unveiled a commemorative stone in the Trocadero Human Rights Plaza in Paris. On this marble his call is engraved: "Wherever men and women are condemned to live in poverty, human rights are violated. To come together to ensure that these rights be respected is our solemn duty."
Since then the commemorative stone has become a rallying point for people from all walks of life.
October 17th was declared "International Day for the Eradication of Poverty" by the United Nations in 1992. In several countries, on the 17th of each month, people gather to acknowledge the lives and efforts of those living in extreme poverty, and to renew their commitment to join them in their struggle.

Since the York Region event has been held from 2005, it has evolved from a milk-box and now offers opportunities for singers, composers, musicians and other performers to play original work on a stage and at the same time keeps the message of ending poverty alive beyond just Oct 17.

In 2008 Newmarket town council approved officially endorsing the day and agreed to a permanent marker on site at Fairy Lake Park with regional council representative John Taylor unveiling the plaque with its own commemorative rock – representative of the stone statue France along with Mayor Tony Van Bynen.

In 2012 the event again featured hot free food as well as a presentation from "Options for Homes", which develops condos that include low income earners, as well The Housing Help Centre was there alongside the York Region Legal Clinic.
Indian crafts/art / drumming and other related information will be available as well phone numbers with messaging systems for the homeless or phoneless and were given out at no charge.

A main-stage featured an open-mic ongoing for anyone with a message to share and main-stage performers after 7 PM. for performers doing pieces relating to poverty. The line-up is quickly filling with poets to hip hop artists to singer / guitar players to children singers to comedians.

Performers wishing to come up must check in at the main-stage or arrange in advance to ensure your spot.

Fun but serious video Thompson Williams is...Stuck In Canada Day 49

Poverty Free Ontario" a new action initiative you can get involved in see blogs....Our latest a visit to SA Review Commissioners Laskin and Sheikh!

There are some other events and initiatives upcoming some may find interesting and wish to be part of...

Donations! We are in dire need of $donations in order to continue our quest to keep pressure on to make York region the Best place to raise all families! The social audit( which took months of our time), Int Day for the Eradication of Poverty Day and road hockey events had significant cost increases this year and as well with several elections and budget announcements / lock ins and travel costs we are tapped!


PACC channel - awareness poverty / House of Hope part 1
Part 2 Edward and damien continue homeless
Part 3
Conclusion Ed & Damien


Oct 17 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty York Region, held at at Riverwalk Commons in Newmarket, was a great success, with representation and participation from all walks!

Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture

Oct 17 - International Day for the Eradication of Poverty - AKA - World Day To End Extreme Poverty
Location: World-wide - recognized by the United Nations - Founded in France -

Father Joseph Wresinski, founder of Oct 17 and who had known poverty first hand said: "Wherever men and women are condemned to live in extreme poverty, human rights are violated. To come together to ensure that these rights be respected is our solemn duty.."(engraved on the Trocadero Plaza of Human Rights in Paris, France, on October 17, 1987)

Oct 17 2010….International Day for the Eradication of Poverty Report on the DAY!

The day started with a call for no rain!..always the 1st thing we look at on Oct affects the needs for tenting and shielding from the elements need be…and when working on a shoe-string budget you hope for some sun..and maybe even a little warmth! Everyone downed coffees, juices and pleasantries as they arrived with each volunteer assigned an area or task. Musicians too arrived, the sound-guys and the town workers all were on time to set up the mobile stage…still I worried we’d have no bathrooms like last year when we had only one! Ironically a homeless person slept nearby through our stage being set up..and later enjoyed some free hot soup and refreshments...the least we could do for invading his bedroom.

We had played with the idea of repositioning the main-stage which would be used to house our microphone for guest speakers/open mic and later on the main-stage performers, but after some discussion an executive decision was made to keep it the way it was with the stage facing the stone seating with its back to the far off food dispensing area. In between the two areas, we had decided to place a kids section so parents could enjoy the day and perhaps leave the kiddies for a few minutes to colour, draw, make signs and eat and drink some healthy refreshments..and yes we had the extra bathrooms to accommodate!

On schedule, the sounds of the singing & drumming from native group Ninos Kom Tin filled the air as the first bowls of fresh hot soup & bread were handed out…this handing out of “soup-line” like menu has been a staple of the event from the beginning. Another element unique to YR’s Oct 17 is the inclusion of performance artists and the encouragement of the making of new pieces that depict poverty or redoing something that also spreads that message through song, or word or what have you..this was/ is a part of YR’s Oct event that is really catching on!

..This year, in addition to the main-stage performers, street performers -“Starving Artists” were allowed on site to place their guitar cases down while performing with the agreement to split proceeds with the organizers! Some impassioned speeches from those with experience came out, one woman whom I have know for a number of years seemed a ghost of het once full of fight self…her meek speech almost brought me to tears while MCing....having known her to have been so strong only a few short years ago..another spoke of her plight of trying to get help for stubs for teeth and the indifference of our politicians …

Singer Compose Glenn Marais spoke about performing before 15,000 orphans this past summer in Africa, all of whom had their parents die of AIDS or HIV… his performance was riveting..LINK TO HIGHLITES

Awake at 4 AM” opened the main-stage after Ninos Kom Tin and really got the crowd interested with their quirky, jazz influenced sound while Rappers Khryme Syndicate as well Testament gave us lesson in rap with an edge and contrasting styles..great performances!

The night finished with an original tune by Fred Joly called “Behind His Mask” a tune written from experience about a homeless man. Fred finished with Imagine by John Lennon and invited Host Tom to co-lead vocals to Neil Young’s “Helpless”, while the crowd helped sing the chorus….”
In all about 150 people made it out to the event…and made A Channel News and a full page in the Era Banner paper with pics as well as promoted on DAYTIME a cable tv show aired across York Region…. with no ad budget we did okay methinks! Helpless, Helpless, He-e-e-elpless!

Picture Picture Picture

STAND UP “Pledge”

"We are standing now with millions around the world on this day to show our commitment to the fight against extreme poverty and inequality.

We are standing because we refuse to accept more excuses in a world where 50,00 people die every day as a result of extreme poverty and the gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider.

We are standing because we want our leaders to honour their promises to meet the Millennium Development Goals - and we ask them to exceed these goals.

We join in solidarity with people from hundreds of countries to say:

To the leaders of the wealthy countries - we urge you to keep your promises on poverty - debt cancellation, more and better aid, trade justice and gender equality.

To the leaders of the poorer countries - make it your responsibility to save the lives of your poorest citizens. We ask you to tackle inequality, to be accountable to your people, to govern fairly and justly, to fight corruption and to fulfill human rights.

Today, and everyday, we will STAND UP and TAKE ACTION against poverty.
We will continue the fight against poverty and inequality and to hold our leaders to their promises.

We are asking not for charity but justice. We are millions of voices standing in solidarity to say no more excuses - end poverty now."

Oct 17 2009 saw “nothing but cloud” at the crack of dawn around these parts. It wasn’t until later on that the skies opened up allowing the sun to at least beam down on a crisp, cool day. This marked the 4th Oct 17 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty event we had now helped organize - 5 if you count the birthday of PACC which kicked off with a media conference on Oct 17 2004. Also known as the World Day to End Extreme Poverty, this 22 year old internationally recognized date is marked around the world. Our local event and online campaign contributed to the new world record of 173 million who stood up on Oct 17 against poverty!

The year after PACC’s inception, the event was held at the York Region Governmental headquarters on Yonge St in Newmarket where speakers and organizers braved the rain while the entertainers sat on milk crates, and played guitar and sang whilst umbrellas covered them...They still haven’t forgiven us....The rally next moved to Fairy Lake Park near Main St Newmarket, where it’s now comfortably becoming the host York Region location.

This year’s version featured a plaque dedication - symbolically attached to a rock – as in the famous Paris rock sculpture dedicated to poverty which reads – The Town of Newmarket officially recognizes Oct 17 as the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. This permanent placement and reminder about those in poverty is a result of the existence of York Region’s Oct 17 event!

Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture

Oct 17 2009 ….In The Beginning…
After a flurry of activity – from solving audio issues to setting up info booths and ensuring power to the coffee and soup areas to posting signs and assigning duties - it seemed we were all good to go! Volunteers seemed to show up just as you needed them – almost like a higher power was delegating!

The info booths were set up including a ‘Stand – Up” pledge signing area and information on the various groups present including the Blue Door Shelters, The York Region Food Network, Poverty Action for Change Coalition (PACC), Make Poverty History & Operation Sparrow

The event opened with a traditional saying of grace, as people enjoyed free fair trade coffee, fresh hot soup, bread, fruit and other healthy goodies, courtesy of the Y.R. Food Network, while grazing and engaging one another. “Live Aid” type music provided the backdrop... Mayor Tony Van Bynen and Regional Councilor John Taylor assisted Host (and acting Chair for both PACC and Make Poverty History Y.R.) Tom Pearson unveil the plaque accompanied by the bird-like vocals of youth Gregory Carbis – winner of the 2009 Mike Thornhill Friendship Award - as his version of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” cut through the cold park like a skate across a shiny new sheet of ice.

Host Tom followed with thank-yous and explained the significance and history of the day then introduced our first keynote speakers Donna and her son Cody – victims of chronic illness as a result of poverty and lack of supports, as well as Sam a displaced farmer fighting for heat and to live on the land he lives and farms on and Iri a Canadian newcomer with a Masters degree unable to find even suitable volunteer employment.

Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture

Their true to life stories served as powerful food for thought, in between bites, and guest speakers such as Jane Wedlock from the Y.R. Alliance to end Homelessness, Joan Stonehocker the YR Food Networks Executive Director, local author and senior Ivan Prokopchuk, and Director of the Y.R. Legal Clinic and member of the YR Social Planning Council Dennis Bailey to name a few.

After the speakers and before the entertainment, the event allowed for the politicians present to say a few words.We heard from representatives from the Green to NDP to our elected Conservative MP Lois Brown who, after alluding to the fact that most poverty issues would be at a municipal or provincial level, was called on to support more and better world aid by the host and chided by an attendee for a national daycare and engaged. Hey….at least she came!..

Picture Picture Picture

The Oct 17 Day ended with an "Open Mic" which featured a blast for the departing MP Lois Brown followed by a talent segment that is catching on more and more each year...This year we had 4 unbelievable original music pieces produced for the event by Fred Joly, Brenda Bakos, and Kelly Moniz, as well as poetry, numerous other performers including a troupe performing parts from RENT (Spotlight Theatre) and stand up comedian – Craig Machlachlan. Singer / guitar player Freedom Chuck also moved the audience with some select cuts while the wacky Schtik Jagger ended the event on a fun note. These songs and artists who have written or performed specifically about poverty will ensure that the messages will live beyond only one day, and help spread the word…to…help….end….poverty….now!

This year we had attendees from all parts of York Region and Toronto and special guest reps from ATD fourth world (based out of France) that stopped in because of hearing about our great event!
Don’t miss out next Oct 17……. it is a powerful experience to be a part of!…...To…Make Poverty History!

Picture Picture Picture

The Pledge

Sign online the declaration Striving Together to End Poverty

STAND UP “Pledge”

"We are standing now with millions around the world on this day to show our commitment to the fight against extreme poverty and inequality.

We are standing because we refuse to accept more excuses in a world where 50,00 people die every day as a result of extreme poverty and the gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider.

We are standing because we want our leaders to honour their promises to meet the Millennium Development Goals - and we ask them to exceed these goals.

We join in solidarity with people from hundreds of countries to say:

To the leaders of the wealthy countries - we urge you to keep your promises on poverty - debt cancellation, more and better aid, trade justice and gender equality.

To the leaders of the poorer countries - make it your responsibility to save the lives of your poorest citizens. We ask you to tackle inequality, to be accountable to your people, to govern fairly and justly, to fight corruption and to fulfill human rights.

Today, and everyday, we will STAND UP and TAKE ACTION against poverty.
We will continue the fight against poverty and inequality and to hold our leaders to their promises.

We are asking not for charity but justice. We are millions of voices standing in solidarity to say no more excuses - end poverty now."

Father Joseph Wresinski, founder of Oct 17 and who had known poverty first hand said: "Wherever men and women are condemned to live in extreme poverty, human rights are violated. To come together to ensure that these rights be respected is our solemn duty.."(engraved on the Trocadero Plaza of Human Rights in Paris, France, on October 17, 1987) –

By acting you show you make part of this growing social movement to overcome persistent poverty that brings together human rights defenders from all countries.

Oct 17 2007- "Good afternoon everyone. My name is Donna. I was born and raised in York Region. I am a single parent living in poverty and in poor health. In May 2002 I became a victim to the dental health system. I was hospitalized in critical condition after my then dentist stitched me up halfway through a root canal surgery, after not being satisfied that ODSP, the Ontario disabilities support program, would cover the cost.

On November 2002 I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Due to the stressful conditions and surroundings where we were living, my health worsened. My health has never been the same since, and to make things worse where I was living become intolerable from a few bad seeds that plagued the neighbourhood with crime and drugs. After my life was threatened, Housing advised us to stay indoors. My youngest son stopped delivering the newspaper. We have moved, but it is very hard to find anything affordable. Where we are living it takes all my ODSP to pay the rent and utilities leaving us with nothing left except peace of mind we are safe. I don’t know how we’ll survive. I’m trying to find suitable work that i could do part time in order to make it. I don’t know if my health will hold up but I have no choice.

One of my sons has now forgone plans to attend university because he fears for my well being. This isn’t right. The government forces us to live in such a chaotic state - hungry or worried about a roof. I have experienced over and over the stigma attached to living in poverty. People should walk in someone else’s shoes before they condemn them.

In closing, would like to thank PACC for being a comfort and a help to me. They have been the only ones who truly seem to fight for our rights without having an ulterior motive - and act on what they say as well instead of just talk. I would like to see an end to poverty and hope to work along with PACC to help accomplish this. I'm working for others to come through what I have been through. I'm a survivor and I'm not finished yet. I am determined and I hope you will all join me in the fight. My kids, all kids, have the right to live without the stress and stigma of poverty. At least give them a fighting chance, because right now we’re all drowning."

Thus far Donna has received little help from any of our politicians or social services to find her safe, affordable housing. Herself and her kids have had to move into mold infested lodgings and are now seriously ill.

Here are the names and addresses of the seven MPPs who represent York Region.Let them know how you feel!

Julia Munro (York-Simcoe)
18977 Leslie Street, PO Box 1129
Sharon ON L0G 1V0
phone 905-478-2572
or 1-866-206-1373
fax 905-478-8470

Frank Klees (Newmarket-Aurora)
14845 Yonge Street, Suite 201
Aurora ON L4G 6H8
phone 905-750-0019
or 1-800-211-1881
fax 905-707-3161
email frank.kleesco@pc.ola,org

Reza Moridi (Richmond Hill)
9891 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1V1
phone 905-884-8080
fax 905-884-1040

Peter Shurman (Thornhill)
7368 Yonge Street, Unit 203
Thornhill, ON L4J 8H9
phone 905-731-8462
fax 905-731-2984

Greg Sorbara (Vaughan)
140 Woodbridge Avenue, Unit AU8
Woodbridge, ON L4L 4K9
phone 905-851-0440
fax 905-851-0210

Helena Jaczek (Oak Ridges-Markham)
135 Main St. North, Suite 201
Markham, ON L3P 1Y2
phone 905-294-4931
fax 905-294-0014

Hon. Michael Chan (Markham-Unionville)
450 Alden Road Unit 5
Markham ON L3R 5H4
phone 905-305-1935
fax 905-305-1938

Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture
Document Title Type Size Revision  
Colder Daysmpeg4 MBNov 13, 2007

Would you consider becoming involved in my letter-writing campaign? If you agree with one or both of these letters sign them, mail or e-mail copies
to as many of the following people as possible and get everyone you know to do the same.

Please include your e-mail address and zip code/postal code.

Miranda Wight

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, D.C.

Congressman Donald M. Payne
2310 Rayburn HOB
Washington, D.C.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A2

M.P. Michael Ignatieff
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6

Letter 1

50 000 people, including 30 000 children, die unnecessarily every day due
to extreme poverty.

This is an emergency. We must stop this epidemic of suffering and death
immediately. The world’s economy can adapt to the end of extreme
poverty, just as it did to the abolition of slavery.
The United States and Canada must both meet their commitments to the U.N.
Millennium Development Goals:

1.Debt - We must cancel the debts owed by the governments of impoverished countries.

2.Aid - The U.S. and Canada must each allocate 0.7% of their GNP to Official Development Assistance.

3.Trade - We must create a more just world trade system to help double the size of Africa’s economy and trade by 2015.

4.Make Poverty History has also called for an end to child poverty in Canada

I'm not alone. I'm one of millions who have demanded an end to extreme

Over 31 million people, including over 250 000 Canadians, and more than
800 organizations are members of Make Poverty History.

Over 2 million people are members of the One Campaign, and in the United
States more than 27 000 students at more than 2400 colleges and
universities competed in the 2008-09 One Campus Challenge.

In 2008, 116 993 629 people participated in the Stand Up and Take Action
Against Poverty Initiative's annual events.
Over 30 million people gave their names to the Live 8 List which was
presented to Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Letter 2

The United States government and Canadian government should legally
require U.S. and Canadian-owned corporations to pay a minimum wage to
their employees who are citizens and residents of other countries and live
outside the United States and Canada.
This would reduce the exploitation of the developing world by these
corporations and would be a significant step towards the level of
regulation needed to end extreme poverty.
If the United States and Canada accomplish this we will live up to our
roles as leaders in the international community and give both U.S. and
Canadian citizens a reason to be proud of their country.


Stroll & Roll for freedom


Part of PACC's mandate has been to ask for a better deal for guys like Dan above who has a hard time making ends meet at times or accessing supports. Anything outside of the usual government programs and charities that don't cover him is where you can usually find him stuck at. these are some of the things he's mentioned wanting fixed.

• Educate various groups/ organizations and community around issues facing people living in poverty.
• Identify and work toward eliminating barriers in each program.
• Index social assistance benefits to the cost of living.
• Provide adequate level of funding for childcare allowances.
• Provide transparency to recipients around all benefits available under each program.
• Raise minimum wage.
• Raise social assistance rates to the actual costs of rent and living
.Truly eliminate barriers for the disabled to access the community

For further information to volunteer time please contact the PACC volunteers @

Friendly Neighbourhood Youth Road-hockey Challenge

Picture Picture

Introducing new format for 2016!

Step 1- form and name a neighbourhood or group road hockey team of a minimum of 6 players and name it ( category ages 13 and under or 14 and up as of Dec 31 2015) .

Step 2 - Challenge or look for another team to play at an agreed upon 'safe' location 'hosted by one team. 3 periods, no longer than 60 minutes total game time. Review the rules located on the PACC website at Tennis balls only.

Step 3 - Agree upon a date and location to take place during March break in 2016. Hosts should be welcoming and try and provide hot chocolate or refreshments!

Step 4 - report your scores / register by texting RESULTS to 289-221-0928 by Dec 31 2015.or by email @
Note: include opponent team name and contact info.

Winners will register an official win, moving up in standings towards final rounds planned for a location and date in 2016 to be announced. Teams must find their own way and accommodations for finals held in Newmarket, Ontario. Open to any Canadian teams.

Newmarket's Mulock Village 13 and under team issues the first challenge to any first takers for right after Xmas! They will supply the location, nets, ball, ref & and hot chocolate! Issue your own challenge! Good Luck!2014 Friendly Neighbourhood Road Hockey Challenge - Free Entry -

Ontario's longest running annual road hockey tourney has had teams representing streets,neighbourhoods, churches,companies,schools,clubs and mixed gendered teams welcome.

The Mike Thornhill Friendship Award is awarded in memory of a Newmarket youth killed by violence outside a donut shop several years back. No cost!

Food and Drink specials and Free Hot Chocolate and hot dogs for finals tourney players!
Hot dogs, burgs & refreshments also available for public sale.

Live and dj music.
Comedy - Coaches corner with "Gripes"

To register a team, sponsor, or volunteer, call or text 289-221-0928 to register your info including TEAM Name, age category, and name of award nominee. @

Friendly Neighbourhood Road Hockey Challenge

Rules and regulations

Tourney Challenge Eligibility: Male or Female (mixed play)

Youths – ages 13 and under or 14 and up as of Dec 31

Eligibility-Team – minimum 6 players per team, maximum 12.Teams should be representative of their community such as a neighbourhood or street, business, church group, organization,work place, or other “groups” are welcome! Prior to the tourney, teams entered are encouraged to “challenge” another group to form a team. Should they accept that team would be the challenging teams 1st round opponent. They are also encouraged to play “exhibition” games in advance of the event.

Organizers reserve right to add players without a team to a team.All Teams should check in on site at Newmarket Community Centre 220 Duncan St by 10:00 AM.

The Mike Thornhill Memorial Friendship Award goes to the one nominated by their team and chosen randomly by organizers and displays leadership through - camaraderie, attitude, team spirit, and sportsmanship – on and off the street.
Often the youth taking the initiative to organize the team is the nominees for that team.

A championship trophy will also be engraved with the Challenge winner’s names and sponsors. Teams are also encouraged to raise funds which go towards the event costs. Good Luck! And remember Friendly is the key to winning!

The number of teams will be limited and all entries team names must be in before Mar 16 2013.

Road Hockey RULES - Friendly is the main theme -

•     Referees have final say in all games.
•     Referees also act as timekeeper – no stop time unless injury
•     Games use designated tennis balls only
•     Standard size nets / playing area – ‘standard’ whatever agreed upon by both teams or committee
•     Games consist of 3-10 minute periods, with no break in between periods.
•     Coaches if any must not enter street of play once game is on unless an injury occurs
•     Referee’s Coin toss between one representative of each team, decides starting ends (with 6 players on per side).
•     Teams change ends after each period
•     Traditional/r plastic one piece sticksok     Ball / car spotters may be assigned and can call action time-outs
•     The Time - clock stops only for injury, Cars, or refs choice
•     Play stops whenever the ref whistles or a spotter or player yells CAR! Or TIME! In case of a car, players must freeze and step back then resume their prior positioning when play restarts.
•     Should a ball go out of play the first player closest to ball where it went out of bounds is awarded possession and must then pass the ball in play. You cannot score from out of play.
•     Goals stop play – restarts with ref with centre spot drop
•     Face- off can restart from goalies smothering the ball

•     At the referee’s discretion a loss of ball possession or an additional 2 minutes penalty may be awarded for infractions such as repeated stick offenses (sticks up high to get ball, use hand), body checking (not allowed), tripping, wasting time, or any infraction deemed against traditional ice hockey rules.

•     There is no offside or icing – however mocking “goals sucks” is allowed!

•     Ties decided by 5 minute overtime, followed by penalty shots if needed – 3 shooters each team new shooter break ties
•     Equipment optional except goalie. Goalie must wear protective leg pads, gloves, mask & helmut.
•     Teams must shake hands at centre of playing area following each game
•     Each team responsible to report final score to registration area
•     Friendliness and respect should be practiced at all times
•     Main theme is to have fun – players are expected to keep that in mind and play in that spirit and respect all others at all times.

About Previous years

The 2011 Friendly Neighbourhood Road Hockey Challenge was a resounding success with over 70 participants playing everything from youth tourney games to all ages pick-up and plenty of "game time" for everyone.Cafe and street entertainment including Oh Canada to start the event by the Spotlight Theatre Singers, while Rappers Krhyme Syndicate ended the event mid final with some fitting "street goods".Awake at 4AM,Dulcimerhead, and Steeldrum Hu rounded out the performers while "Gripes" provided comedy play by play.

In between,there was some friendly but very competitive youth tourney road hockey played with The Bray Circle Radicalz edging the Mulock Hawks 5-4 in the consolation final and in the Championship finals it was the visibly smaller Stuart Scott Stingers defeating the MPAD 3's 5-4 in sudden death overtime for a dream ending.

The ($1,000)Mike Thornhill Memorial Friendship Education Award was won by 14 year old Stingers team organizer AJ Wolske who is active in the community with a youth church group bowling and leading by example..and organized his team!

Great Job everyone!!

more pics here

Below a response from Premier Dalton Mcguinty on the event as a model for character building!!

Thanks for your online message regarding youth character building. I
appreciate your informing me about your Road Hockey Challenge, and I
commend you for your interest in making a difference in the lives of the
youth in your community.

As the Honourable Mary Anne Chambers, Minister of Children and Youth
Services, would also be interested in your community-based program, I've
forwarded a copy of your correspondence to her for her information.

You may also be interested in our government's Character Development
Initiative, a $2-million program funded through the Ministry of Education
designed to inspire students to become caring, compassionate and
well-rounded citizens. Over the course of the next year, teams of experts
will work with parents, educators and students to identify the best ways
to promote character development in the classroom, with programs to be
in place for the 2007-08 school year. Elements of character education
could include learning the values of teamwork, co-operation, respect,
fairness and honesty, as well as the importance of our democratic system
and civic responsibility.

If you're interested in contributing to the development of this
initiative, you should contact your local school board. Contact information
for school boards can be found by clicking

Thanks again for taking the time to contact me. Your input is always

Dalton McGuinty
Premier of Ontario

c:     The Honourable Mary Anne Chambers


Ref's & Volunteers Welcome! 2 past winners of the Mike Thornhill Friendship Award


Operation Sparrow - Now "Newmarket Cares"


PACC endorses Operation Sparrow with tom Pearson sitting on its first board and chairing for 4 years.

Although PACC would like to see an end for the need of programs like this - we feel all kids deserve to be able to play on the same "playing field" - and need those opportunities today! PACC members helped shape the rules and application system to ensure dignity in the process.

Operation Sparrow was started to enable children and youths from age 3 up to 18 living in Newmarket or Aurora to take part in ongoing organized activities and cultural activities - alongside their peers- - when their parents or guardians cannot afford to pay.

As of 2012 the roster of program choices included karate,theatre school,dance, art classes and some transportation.

Mission Statement:

Operation Sparrow’s aim is to promote and facilitate the participation of children ages 3 – 18 in physical and cultural activities regardless of their ability to pay for services.

How do I apply?

An application must be filled out. Some conditions apply. You may pick up an application form
at the number below

Please note available spots in each activity offered by Operation Sparrow are given based on “most in need” as decided by our Board. Placements are limited. Should you need transportation only, please indicate on the application.

How do I qualify?

You qualify based on "most in need" as determined by a board. A photocopy proof of income and a short letter outlining what you hope your child will gain from the program must accompany your application.Particular attention has been made to make the application process be as least intrusive as possible.

How Else?

You may also qualify by being referred by a group, organization or agency recognized by The Operation Sparrow Executive Board. Those groups recognized as such are determined by The Board.

Now What?

Call the ‘Sparrowline to receive an application contact is made through the phone at 905 716-1447. Only applications following this procedure are processed.

Okay, I did all that!!

Great! Now relax, it may take the board awhile to get to your application. Board members meet regularly and will review all applications with due diligence. Agreement on each successful applicant will be made by consensus.

The Board can decide to approve an application in whole or in part, deny it or defer it if more information is required. All decisions made by the Board are final and may be communicated verbally or in writing to the address or email given.

All information collected by Operation Sparrow is kept confidential and all Board members observe a strict code of conduct as witnessed in our pledge which each applicant must also make, as part of showing their commitment to participating.

Who sits on the Board?

Representatives from private businesses and other community leaders.A full Board list may be made upon request.

Applicants agree to abide by the Sparrow Creed and the principles of excellence. Both the providers and Operation Sparrow reserve the right to ask those repeatedly breaching the creed to leave the program.

Creed -

"I intend to develop myself in a positive manner, and to avoid anything that would reduce my mental growth or my physical health.

I intend to develop self-discipline, in order to bring out the best in myself and others.

I intend to use what I have learned in class constructively and defensively, to help myself and my fellow man, and never to be abusive or offensive".

Principles of Excellence

Self Control
Indomitable Spirit

Please note: Operation Sparrow has merged to become part of 'Newmarket Cares". Applications can no longer be downloaded here. Please Contact 905-716-1447


DO THE MATH!TP in Hamilton


See York Region's "Do The Math" video from Hamilton

As hard as it is to believe, many people in York Region are suffering chronic food insecurity.(

  • ) For some, choosing between eating and paying bills is an ongoing daily struggle.
  • •There is a growing gap between those who have and those who don’t have the means to live in York Region. Although the median income York Region in 2006 was reported at $89,099 the 5th highest in Canada, the proportion of people living below the Poverty Line increased from 10-13% from 2001 – 2006
    •In 2006, 15% of York Region children under 18 (32,477) lived in low income households – an increase of 62% over 2001
    •     Food bank use increased 29% in January to April 2009, over the same period in 2008 (York Region Food Network – Foodbank Statistics 2008-2009)
    •     Monthly Caseload for OW recipients in York Region rose to over 5,000 in Jan-April 2009, an 11% increase over Dec. /08. (Report #5 Community Services and Housing Committee- York Region Council Meeting June 25, 2009)
    •     Monthly Caseload for ODSP recipients in York Region in June /08 was 7,667. This represents a cumulative increase of 52.4% from June /02, outpacing all other GTA municipalities and the provincial average for this same period. (Peel Region ODSP- 2009 Budget Document)


    •      Households are considered to have affordability problems if more than 30% of household income is spent on housing costs. (Health Status Indicators Report – Public Health, York Region Community and Health Services Dept. 2007) In York Region, 48% of renters (15,482) and 27% of homeowners spend 30% or more of their total income on housing costs – the highest in the GTA
    •     If you spend more than 50% of your gross income on housing (rent, electricity, heat and municipal services), then you are at a higher risk of homelessness. You are also at significant risk of experiencing chronic illness, depression, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Over 22% of tenants in York, spend more than half of their income on rent.
    •     People who access food banks spend on average, 60% of their total income on housing (Hunger in the Midst of Prosperity Report, YRFN 2008)
    •     In a review of 22 rental markets in Ontario, the highest rent increases over the last 10 years took place in York Region. Rents increased by a rate of 60% the rate of inflation




    It’s definitely time to - DO THE MATH IN YORK REGION

    “Do the Math” is a survey tool developed with input by The Stop Community Food Centre in Toronto and is now being introduced across the province by the Social Planning Network of Ontario. By doing the math you can see that eating healthily or at all, can be an extreme challenge for someone on social assistance. To address this disparity we are encouraging support for a $100 monthly Healthy Food Supplement for individuals on social assistance. So Do the Math with us, and see for yourself.

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    Enough is Enough!Tell Premier!

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